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When I’m Feeling Stuck, I Do This…

When you realize that the highest version of yourself already exists, your job is to match up your current reality with that future reality.

When You Move Through Your Life, Do You Always Check Yourself

When we step into our full truth, some people fall away from our lives. That’s because they’re no longer an energetic match for us, and we can’t force people to rise in sync with our journey.

How To Use Affirmations Correctly

We don’t repeat a positive affirmation until we’re blue in the face. If it doesn’t feel right to us, it won’t matter how much we repeat it: our vibration will continue to remain at the level of our true feeling.


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You Have Always Known

You Have Always Known

The process of creating is believing in a powerful unknown force. You are that force. You know what your soul is calling you to do. You know what is possible for you. You know what feels good to you.

You Are Worth It

You Are Worth It

Your value comes from the inside. Only you have the power to choose how you feel. You are worthy because you’re YOU! It’s your birthright! You were born worthy! You are a beautiful perfect person worthy of love, abundance, acceptance, AND success.

Do You Worry At Night?

Do You Worry At Night?

Do you worry at night? I use to too… and it never felt good. In fact, I would wake up feeling icky because of it too. So I decided to make a few changes. I became unavailable for it.


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