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You Are Doing Everything Right.

You are doing everything right. Be gentle with yourself. None of your choices were wrong. Not your deciding to stay or go. Not your deciding that you wanted more or that you were just not ready. Not your deciding to work or stay home. Not your deciding to talk about it or not, or anything else that you did or didn’t do. You didn’t do anything wrong…

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Full Moon Ritual

You’re probably saying to yourself, “What is going on?” as you notice all of the changes taking place around you. The full moon is pushing you out of your comfort zone. It might feel uncomfortable but universe trying to assist you with shedding layers that no longer serve your highest good..

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Missing Someone In Heaven During The Holidays

The holiday season can be one of the most challenging times when you’re missing someone in Heaven. During this time, you might find yourself struggling to get through the day, and wanting to hibernate to survive it all. The following suggestions have worked wonders for me. My hope for anyone reading this is that they help make your holiday gentle as well.

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Children Are In-Tune More Than Ever

It’s becoming increasingly common for children to share that they are “seeing” people or have an imaginary friend. More often than not, this is spirit. Until the age of five or six years old, we live a very intuitive life.

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