You Have Always Known


The process of creating is believing in a powerful unknown force. You are that force.

You know what your soul is calling you to do.

You know what is possible for you.

You know what feels good to you.

You know what feels easy.

You know what feels right.

You know what gives you goosebumps.

You know what resonates with your soul.

You’ve always known.

Begin to feel these feelings, deeply and completely, allowing them to move through you. Let your body follow where it’s guided, leaving behind any thoughts that try to join.

This is what you’ve been missing.
This is your guidance.
This is your intuition.

Today is the day that I declare:

I am committed to me. I know my body. I trust what I feel. I have massive experience. I am full of wisdom. I am of high value. I am unavailable to be disappointed again. I am unavailable for drama. I am unavailable for anyone who doesn’t see my worth. I am unavailable for anyone who doesn’t respect my boundaries. Life gets to be easy. I decided. And, I am ready.


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