Awakening Membership

I spent many years trying to release resistance (which showed up as an auto-immune disease, migraines, gut issues, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, insecurities) through a variety of healing modalities, and / or changing my thoughts / behaviors in some way. And to some degree, they all helped.


However, it felt like a lot of work. And often, the needle only moved a smidge.


What we are trying to achieve is NEVER outside of us.


How could it be?


Even I don’t have your answers. But what I do know is how to find them.


Consciousness + Alignment.


It flows through us – when we allow it to.


It’s the space where we find the fullness of life. Where things just seem to fall into place. It’s where we experience harmonious relationships, energetic and financial freedom, purpose, and passion.


This is not asking for too much.


It is our sovereign right to live in peace. And it is through inner peace that we reach our true potential and find true happiness.


This isn’t about journaling, meditating, subconscious work, clearing or healing past traumas, tackling shadow work or trying to manifest something.


It’s a deepening into you – having your needs met, being heard, and feeling respected.


Bursting emotional stillness and moving into EASE – emotional awareness and self-evolution.

A month-to-month Membership for the conscious woman to Awaken her Divine Power and embrace her inner Magnetism.


star Trying to figure things out

star Feeling disconnected from yourself

star Feeling things do not work out for you

star Feeling like you have to take control to make shit happen

star Avoiding vulnerability

star Giving from your heart and feeling unappreciated

The only thing standing between you and your magnetism is your belief that something about you needs to change.

It’s quite the opposite.

It’s time to step even further

into yourself.

Cultivating a more conscious life.

Together, we will explore the concept of conscious creation and embodiment of inner peace.

There is nothing about you that needs to change

Aligning with my natural rhythms. Expressing myself with clarity and purpose. Engaging with life with stability and well-being. Embodiment of personal power.



The Awakened woman has amplified her aura’s magnetism.

She’s a free spirit profoundly attuned to her physical form and divine essence. She fully embraces her sensuality and magnetism, whether in intimate moments or professional settings. She lives with a sense of purpose and joy, knowing she is here to create and express the divine. She embodies the divine feminine by trusting the natural rhythm of existence. She radiates a sense of peace and calm, knowing she is in harmony with herself and her environment. She inspires others and encourages them to find their own spiritual path. And she is confident in her ability to navigate the world.


The Path of Awakening


gold star


gold star

Unapologetically authentic.

gold star

Expressing yourself fully and openly.

gold star

Connected to your desires.

gold star

Radiating grace and magnetism.


Where Life feels juicy and delicious.

the pathway is here

here for you…


For many of us, change is scary. It’s what exposes our insecurities and fears.

Yet, we still dream. Our soul calls, and we feel the pull inside us. We strive for something different and want to push ourselves outside our comfort zones.

Then… we run up against all the problems that stand in our way of achieving it, and we believe that it might not be meant to be.

Of course, it’s meant for you. That pull is real.

You may have heard the expression, “Happiness is an inside job.” My interpretation of that phrase is that everything we see in our external reality is, in one way or another, a projection of what is dominant within us.

So, when we want something whether it’s to trust ourselves more or wish to be more confident or purposeful, we often start by trying to change who we are – which feels hard and honestly – just gross.

There is nothing about us that needs to change.

We only need to be more of who we truly are and let go of the conditioning of who we think we should be.

We start by creating an internal environment of self-love and kindness. This allows us to achieve a frequency aligned with our soul and, as a result, is reflected in our external reality.

Each day, you will receive a daily transmission on conscious creation. This will help you become more aligned with your soul by increasing your self-awareness and strengthening your intuition. You will gain insight into your thoughts and feelings and have practical suggestions for becoming more connected to the present moment.

Awakening: A Path to Consciousness

Align with your natural rhythms. Express yourself with clarity and purpose. Engage with life with stability and well-being.



A Membership for the conscious woman to Awaken her Divine Power and embrace her inner Magnetism.


What You’ll Receive 

Daily Audio Messages via a private podcast

(Monday – Thursday)

Weekly Q and A

Integration Exercises

Monthly Group Zoom

Community Support


Month to month. No commitment. Cancel at any time.


When your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with your login info to access Awakening Membership.