Do You Always Check Yourself

When You Move Through Your Life, Do You Always Check Yourself

You’re here to be the fullest version of yourself.

If others can’t handle you, that’s on them: not you.

When you move through your life, do you always check yourself? So many of us, especially women, wrestle with ourselves to avoid being “too much”.


Too loud. Too assertive. Too difficult. Too emotional. Too big. Taking up too much space. Too hungry.

When You Move Through Your Life, Do You Always Check Yourself
Sure, there are people we meet in life who aren’t necessarily our “BFFs”, but you know what I’m talking about here:

– The people who make you shrink a little.
– The ones who give you ‘that look’. ⠀
– The ones who make you feel embarrassed or embarrassing. ⠀
– The ones who make you dim your light. ⠀
– The ones who make you censor your conversation⠀
– The ones who you know you can’t show your real emotions around.

Sometimes these situations are very deliberate, toxic and abusive. If you recognize this, I urge you to speak to someone you trust about it.

But most of us experience a degree of this subtle shaming, even in the most benign and unintentional situations. Because we know that this person genuinely means well (perhaps they just made a quick remark, or brought something up in an argument), we feel like we have to brush it under the carpet and adjust ourselves for next time.

I’m here to tell you to *never* dim your light for

a n y b o d y.

No workplace; no partner; no friendship; no situation.

When we step into our full truth, some people fall away from our lives. That’s because they’re no longer an energetic match for us, and we can’t force people to rise in sync with our journey.

Sometimes they will be inspired to, and you will be able to grow together.

Mostly, however, these feelings are a signal that this person is just not on your vibe.

Sometimes, these are friendships and relationships which we have simply outgrown.

Here’s the thing: like a sapling that you plant in a tiny pot, and then later in a huge patch of nourishing soil once it’s grown, once you outgrow your container, you can’t force yourself to fit back in. You’re not the same person anymore.

The answer is to shine, to rise, to glow. You will never be too much for the right people.