Making Subtle Changes in the Way That You Fall Asleep

Our mornings set the pace for the day. If we wake up grumpy, chances are our whole day is going to be grumpy. But here’s the thing, it actually begins with how you fall asleep.

When you’re sleeping, you’re in a neutral state. This means you’re not creating or manifesting anything (desired or undesired.)

If you’re in a neutral state when you’re sleeping then your mornings begin where you left off the night before. So if you fall asleep angry, the vibration that you’ll awaken with is…an angry vibe. If you fall asleep in a peaceful state, you’ll wake up with a peaceful vibe.

Try your best to fall asleep relaxed and at ease. As you fall asleep, repeat affirmations, or use your imagination to visualize something that brings you peace (maybe you see yourself on your dream vacation.) Years ago, I used an affirmation that I heard my friend use:
I am happy. I am healthy. I am perfect. I am wealthy. I would repeat it over and over until I finally drifted off to lala land.


Then try beginning your day by doing one (or more) before you even leave your bed. Your day will feel so much lighter.


Thank you God/Universe/Source for the opportunity of…. going to a job that you love (or can’t stand), getting up to feed the dogs or screaming children.

Morning Prayer.

“Please guide me to the people and places that I’m meant to be guided to.” Or try…

“Please guide me on (fill in blank) that I have not been able to resolve on my own. I have tried every technique that I know of. I place my trust in the Universe by handing them over to your divine hands. As I do this, I know that the universal force that is you, is also me, and I trust that this action will lead us to a resolution.”


Take a deep breath in, holding it at the top and releasing s…l…o…w…l…y.

Drink one liter of lemon water. 

This nourishes a body that has been dry for the last 4, 6, or 8 hours. Your mind, body, and spirit will show you appreciation by providing the extra energy that you desired.

Pull strength from wherever you can find it. 

Deciding to push your way through any chaos, and being brave enough to do it.

Life is what we make of it ….And it’s these small, subtle changes that make a significant difference.