decide that anything is possible

Decide That Anything Is Possible

Sometimes, we think of beliefs as “wishes”, when in fact, they are our decisions. Our beliefs are our decisions about what is – and what isn’t – possible for us.

This becomes very important when manifesting, because often times, we desire things that conflict with our beliefs. This prevents us from receiving.

Your beliefs decide what’s possible for you.

If you believe that you can have something, you will.

If you believe that you can’t have it, you will not. ⠀


Let’s try with an example:

Suppose that I desire guidance.

If I believe it is easy to receive guidance, it will be easy.⠀

anything is possible

On the other hand, if I believe it’s difficult to receive guidance, it will be difficult.⠀

You have complete power here. Deciding what is possible for you is your belief system.

Today, spend a few moments writing about what you believe is easy in life.

After you have finished, see how that relates to what is showing up in your reality.

The next step will be to choose core beliefs which support you, rather than hinder you, but for now let us just bring some awareness to our subconscious drives.