another way to receive

Another Way For You To Receive Guidance

If you’re looking for guidance and asking who, when, where, and how – these are all cognitive questions. There’s an easier way.

Say your goal is to find a job. How would feel if you already had a job? Safe? Secure? Relieved? Excited? Get into those feelings for a few minutes.

As you feel those feelings you can add (by asking or writing), “Please guide me to my next step.”

Let’s take it a step further, you’ve been offered two positions and you’re unsure of which one to take.

Put yourself in each position and say out loud. “I work as (or at) XYZ. I work as QRS.”

Regardless of any logical reasons why you should choose one over the other, (this is how we talk ourselves out of our guidance and doing the things that we actually want to.)

How does it feel in your body when you put yourself in (each) position?
Does it feel more natural? At ease?
Does one feel open and expansive?
Or does it feel tight and constricting?

Your body is a means for intuitive guidance to come through. Your body does not rationalize or lie to you. It only feels.

The next time that you have a decision to make, feel it in your body first. Start by testing it out on less important decisions until you feel more confident.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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