Kind words

Necole Stephens is the real deal and has helped me regain my inner badass while recovering from memories of childhood sexual abuse. She is absolutely one of the finest people I know, a gifted spiritual counselor, and someone whose heart is 1000% in the right place.  Without Necole’s guidance, my recovery would be so much harder.  Not only is she a gifted counselor but she’s able to add a level of healing that can only be achieved by incorporating her natural mediumship gifts and spiritual knowledge.  Her holistic approach to helping clients through transitional growth periods of their lives is by far the best mode of healing I’ve ever experienced.

Kiersten Hathcock

CEO/Founder, Mod Mom Furniture & The Little Light Project

You received high praise for your reading with Lisa R. I will support your work with bereaved parents and will encourage others to contact you.
We all have to do what we can to help transform a grieving world.
Love and peace, Craig

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.

Author, Your Eternal Self

Working with Necole Stephens in a mentorship/coaching capacity has helped me develop my gifts in a way I have never known before.  She is a straight shooter and says what needs to be said without any unnecessary fluff.  This results in very clear lessons and very expedient results.  I am so grateful for all the time she took in keeping me focused on progress and helping me gain confidence in my abilities so I could use them with my own clients.  She is firmly rooted in the etiquette of mediumship and the business side, as well.  I highly recommend her services for anyone that wants to develop their beautiful gifts and use them in an empowering way in their own life.

Lisa Prosen

Sensitivity Coach, Speaker, and Author, My Renewed Mind

Necole is a gifted spirit medium dedicated in helping and healing others. Through her own experience, she understands, at a deep compassionate level, the painful journey as a Bereaved parent, sibling, and daughter. I witnessed Necole’s natural grace, and loving presence while assisting her in a spiritual workshop. She respects and honors her gift of delivering evidential messages from loved ones in spirit bringing peace and comfort to those they leave behind.

Mary Field

Owner, European & Naturopathic Skin Care Clinic

Three years ago my precious daughter transitioned.  I reached out to Necole because I was told that she would understand my pain. Also, that she was a kind and considerate medium who would do 1:1 meetings with other bereaved parents.  That was the best decision I ever made.  Not only did Necole bring me a message from my incredible daughter, but she helped me deal with my grief, through a few of the courses she offered online, I was able to allow myself to deal with all the stages I had to go through the first two years, and her kind, supportive advice helped me to know what I was dealing with was normal.  I was also lucky to have her support and encouragement to participate in a cathartic journal article about my daughter’s death.  I reach out to Necole often when I am feeling lost, in incredible pain, or need to know that I have the inner strength to make it through another hurdle.  Meeting Necole was no coincidence; it had to have been part of my life journey as she has guided me and helped me see things within myself that I did not know existed.  Her postings and affirmations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are encouraging, positive and life affirming, as are her blogs.  I am grateful to the universe for bringing me into her circle.

Barbara Parisi

Registered Nurse

I just wanted to thank you for the group reading. I was really hoping that my mom would come through, and thank goodness, she did. My dad, who was never a believer, was very impressed with you and he is still talking about it. I think it really brought him some comfort… knowing that my mom is still around him and knowing that we go on after we leave this earth. Thank you again! Tracy


Manchester, NH

Necole shared a detail with me that I did not understand at first, about a child close to me who had died.  As soon as I called the child’s mother, the meaning became crystal clear, and I felt comforted that he had let me know in a very unique way that he was okay.  Necole understands the grieving process on a very personal level, and realizes that her gifts can bring comfort but do not erase grief.  We had a group reading, and each of my friends received a personal validation from one or more loved ones who had past.  My mother-in-law actually came through and told my husband he needed to stop procrastinating about a drainage project — he rushed to do it the very next day after putting it off for months!  Now if she could just get someone to come through and tell him we need a kitchen remodel………Seriously, though, Necole has a beautiful heart and a gift that she feels called to share with others.  I am glad to know her.

Mary S.

We saw Necole recently. She gave me peace of mind that my loved one was okay and is watching over us. Necole is a kind gifted Medium who proved to me that I will someday see my loved one again. Thank you Necole!

Janet M.

Watertown, MA

I first learned of Necole through a friend on Facebook, since then I have had two readings, both have been comforting and heartfelt. I laughed and cried with Necole as family and friends stepped forward delivering their messages. My twin sister’s spirit came through (she died 27 years ago) Karen recalled in great detail the last Christmas we shared, as well as describing our family home and how it was decorated. She also reassured me she greeted my parents when they crossed. When my mom’s spirit stepped forward, she immediately let me know that “everyone is fine and to stop worrying about us” She acknowledged a delicate bracelet that I bought earlier in the day. She talked about many of my friends. Necole identified my dad by his sense of humor. He started the conversation by talking about the lawn and was very persistent. I had no idea what he was talking about, sure enough the lawn had been mowed that morning. He also knew about my new house and was a part of the process in my decision. He acknowledged my big birthday celebration coming up the following weekend and my entire family would be celebrating with me. I connected with a friend from high school who had passed a year earlier. I never expected Katie to appear and had to laugh when she shared our pinky swear story. I would recommend Necole to anyone who is grieving and wants reassurance from loved ones. Necole has helped me understand that our loved ones are always close by, guiding, and watching over us, providing us with their incredible and ever lasting love. My readings with Necole were astonishing. I’m eternally grateful for Necole and her compassionate soul.

Kristin S.


I have had a few sessions with Necole and as a fellow bereaved parent, I can say her validations and messages were amazing.  Being able to hear from my son and brother again has been wonderful.  Necole is kind and sweet and her connections to my loved ones were incredible.

Jennifer A.

New Jersey

I’ve had several readings with Necole, 2 group readings, and one private. Having lost my mother at 7 years old, I always felt that she missed out on so much of my life. After meeting with Necole, I know that is so far from the truth. My mother came through and said things that only I would know. Personal things that made me realize my mother has been with me always and she never missed out on any of my life. Necole is amazingly gifted; gentle and spot on, my readings were unforgettable. I would highly recommend Necole. I will be forever grateful to her, by having those readings I am able to feel my guardian angels presence, (my mother) in my life on a daily basis. Thank you Necole, I am forever grateful!!!!!

Lynn M.

Quincy, MA

Necole ‘s talent is wonderful! She has connected with my brother Nick on several occasions and her messages have been so healing. We have even had some surprise visits from him and the abilities she possesses is amazing! Knowing our loved one are always with us and hearing everything is OK has made my transition through grief so much more manageable. I will never doubt the afterlife since having sessions with Necole!

Darlene S.


I met Necole 1 1/2 yrs. after my daughter passed…I always try to have an open mind…but as a grief-stricken mother, I was so anxious and so full of doubt. I could hardly breath. As Necole started to talk, I thought how could she know this. Again, I said this couldn’t be real. The tears poured I was shaking…she really is talking to Kris…Necole conveyed conversations THAT NO ONE COULD HAVE EVER KNOWN…Necole repeated verbatim. I am forever indebted to Necole. That was there first peaceful moment I’d had since my daughter had passed…if not for Necole I never would’ve known Kris is ok and still watching over her family…even everything Necole has been thru she still gives so much of herself. And has so much empathy…. thank you for that peace of mind…

Marie M.

Manchester, NH

Hi Necole, I just wanted to thank you for the experience to witness your gift in person, and to get some messages from the other side. It’s nice to know there are genuine people out there doing good work to serve others. There are so many fakes out there, and people who don’t have their clients best interest at heart. It always amazes me the kind of work that real mediums do, and how it can positively affect our lives, even if a few things are way off. It’s the things that are right on, that no one could possibly know… that I look for; and there was more on than off in your case, and the things that were on, were so amazing to witness. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know, who might be in need of connecting to his or her loved ones in spirit!
Thanks again Necole! God bless you, and keep up the great work!

Rick M.

North Central Massachusetts

I am not exactly a skeptic, but I do have to experience something in order to believe & trust in it. With everything in my life, I try to take things with a grain of salt. My experience with Necole made me such a strong believer in mediumship. I went in to my session with low expectations & was so blown away. I got exactly what I wanted out of my session. Her sweet personality & the obvious love for what she does brings you immediate comfort. To anyone considering a session with Necole, I highly recommend.

Stephanie C.

Chelsea, MA

My session with Necole Stephens was an extremely comforting experience. I was seeking information that would help me feel connected to my son, whom I lost in July 2013. Necole was able to give me specific details which assured me that the bond and love between my son and I will never end. I’m looking forward to our next session, and I highly recommend Necole to anyone in need of an experienced, compassionate “medium”.

Michelle B.

New Jersey

Necole, You are so amazing! What you do is so amazing! Never in the 20 years since my father passed had I truly felt him around me…and you reassured me he is!!! I had an emotional breakthrough when you connected with my father. I always wondered what he would say to me if he could…and you gave that gift to me. I can remember just watching you in awe as you did the readings for everyone at the show. Your gift and talent is so amazing, and you choosing to truly give and share it show how wonderful of a person you are. Everything you said what shockingly accurate and right on. I will NEVER forget you and what you did for me. Peace and Love.

Julia S.


I had the pleasure of meeting Necole at a small gathering at someone’s home several years ago. I was a last minute addition, and got wonderful messages from my parents as well as a loving message for my Aunt whose son had passed not long before that.  After the sudden death of my child, I attended a couple of gallery readings where I saw many people have moving messages from those that they love.  At one of these, I was blessed with a reading. Necole, understanding my pain, took her time and was gracious, caring, and patient with my reading.  I had my sister and niece with me, and they too were amazed at how accurate the reading was, with so many validations.  She was able to describe my daughter’s energy and the smile on her face as she did my reading brought great comfort to my broken heart.  Necole tells her own story and educates the group at the beginning of each session, so that you know what to expect, and she never rushes anyone and her readings are full of love and she conducts herself with such grace and charm.  I have recommended Necole to many others and have never heard anything but glowing reviews.  Necole is a medium, but also a bereaved mother, daughter and sibling, so that she understands the pain that those who sit in her galleries or one on with her have and does her best to bring the love and comfort that their loved ones are sending.  Recently, many classes have been lead by Necole to help with grief work and helping people recognize the signs that their loved ones are sending.

Barbara P.


Necole, I am still in awe over my reading. At the end of the reading, you mentioned, “four leaf clover tattoo and Texas”. On January 16, my brother had a massive heart attack and was brought back to life, not once but twice! I had not spoken to him in a very long time. I thought about what you had said and wondered if this was a sign, to reach out to him. Well, after he was released from the hospital, I asked my brother (yes we are talking again). He told me he has a 4-leaf clover tattoo with the word Texas inside the clover! Wow! I cannot thank you enough for an amazing night. P.S. I told my Veterinarian about “Maggie Mae” coming through, haha!! Amazing!!

Judy M.

I am so grateful I was able to experience healing messages from you during the group reading not to long ago. Not only did it make my day, it made me feel so much better knowing my nana is always looking out for me, not missing a THING, and is my beautiful guardian angel! Thank you much!

Alex S.

Quincy, MA

It was amazing that Necole, could gaze into my life and give me details about my wonderful son. She directed me to find something, low and behold, I did. She gave me peace of mind. Her insight was remarkable. My son came to visit me a dream that very night. A very rewarding experience.

Carolyn D.


WOW, I just got done with my reading with you and all I can say Necole is “AWESOME” You described things about my daughter that you could not have ever known right down to her death and children. I so needed to hear that she was ok and her concern for me. I will miss her everyday as you know, but my heart is a lil better after speaking with you. Again thank you Necole and my heart is with you this month. Love and hugs XOXO

Bernice T.

Necole.  It is a blessing to have you in my life, you make my days without Kate a little more manageable…….I Heart You…..

Carol S.

Ocean City, Maryland

I have to say I was scared to go see Necole, Maybe because I thought in the back of my head this cant be real. Necole could not have known anything about me, my family, or my beautiful son TONY. I could not of been more satisfied with her reading. For a few minutes, I felt connected again to one of the loves of my life. No it does not take away the heartache but I knew he was speaking to her because there’s no way like I said she could of known even what I did that morning. Like hold a watch that I thought for a moment was his. She described in detail were on the chest of drawers the box was. So if you need to feel connected to a love one even for a moment Necole would be your right choice. I thank GOD I met her. I hope to stay connected to her for a lifetime. Thank you Necole xoxoxo

Patty G.

New Hampshire

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me on the phone yesterday, the time you allowed me with my brother on the anniversary of his passing and the time with my mother was priceless. The Silver balloons she acknowledged my 25th wedding anniversary with, the picture she described of her making lemonade with my daughter, and I feel so very connected to her now. I found the dragon fly pin!! I watered the plants that she told me to water in my angel garden which were hanging near the bronze sun that she mentioned. I was just wondering out loud the day before we talked, “Why are the flowers not blooming”. Every time I hear Sammy “woof”, I will know she is near. When you said she had “visited” me in June and then asked if her birthday was June 26th because she told you that was the day she saw me, my heart filled with joy. I could go on and on…. You are so amazing and I can’t wait to see you in Mesa, AZ in April 2013. The guidance and advice that you gave me was incredible. I tried the different tools you suggested and the result has been amazing.

Tricia C.


Thank you for the readings last night it answered so many questions that we needed to know.

Pamela G.

My session with Necole was wonderful! She was kind and caring. The reading she gave me was so exact and specifics were so accurate I knew she was indeed communicating with my daughter! It didn’t take away the pain of losing her, but it gave me great comfort to know she was free from all her suffering, and still around though in a different way. Knowing this will help me deal with my loss. I hope to stay in contact with Necole. She is such a compassionate person and extremely gifted as a medium!

Desyle K.

I had a reading with Necole… and it was BEYOND AMAZING!!! I heard from my Daughter who passed at the age of 27 yrs. from Cystic Fibrosis… and Necole was able to tell me very specific and MEANINGFUL things that will help me so much on my journey of grief… she is an amazing, and generous spirit who I am eternally grateful to. I think it is so wonderful that she takes time out of her own personal life to help others. Thank you Necole!!!

Lisa R.


I had a reading with Necole and it was fantastic. As a bereaved parent herself, she get its. She understands the depth and love that we have for our children and how hard it is when they leave before us. Our reading was a phone reading and I am still in awe of the accuracy of all that she said. There was just so much that she said that she could have no way of knowing. Yet, she rattled off so many personal details that I was left in shock. Names, situations, details. It was incredible. She was so kind and compassionate and left me with so much hope. My reading with her was the night before my child’s birthday and I truly believe she helped me to get through that day with hope and love. Thank you Necole, from the bottom of my heart! I am blessed to have met you! You have an incredible gift and I am so thankful that you share it so lovingly!



I am so thankful to Necole for sharing her amazing gift with me. It was very comforting to hear from my loved ones that they are with me through these very hard times. I recently lost my precious son and miss him terribly but, I now know he is with my dad and is just fine and as chill as always. After my reading, I was left with a few more answers that may bring me closer to having a little more peace in my life and for that I thank Necole. I also thank her for sharing her story with me and the advice she offered me. It definitely left me wanting more and would definitely love to see Necole again.


Hi Necole, I met you in Norwell, MA on Nov.6th 2011 at ‘Angels of Light’ it was wonderful to meet you, and I was part of your medium circle of 14 women. I cannot tell you how grateful I was to share the messages to my friend whose son had passed. He sent many messages to you to pass on to me. I was able to relate everything to his mother; it brought much peace to her, her husband, and his brother. I told her you have a long waiting list, but I am sure she will contact you. Much Love & Blessings to you and your family. Jeannie I hope to see you again…

Jeannie C.

I love the new Kissed by an Angel Dedication page. Liam’s picture in those clouds is perfect that’s what we have on his headstone… Thank you again Necole for doing this for grieving parents, I know it means the world to me and I’m sure the other parents as well.


Hi Necole, You were recently spoken about in a Facebook group called “Lisa’s Garden” of which I am a part. I too am a RN who has worked in Psychiatry/Detox since 1997 and I have overall been a nurse since 1988. I lost my son Ephraim David Schultz to an accidental drug overdose May 12, 2005. My life and that of Ephraim’s younger sibling, Josiah has not been the same since. Thank you so very much for the work you do in bringing comfort and hope to grieving parents. The first 3 yrs.’ after my sons death I was alone with no support system. Every night I went to bed reading books on the afterlife and the topics so well known to your own heart. I do not know how I would have survived otherwise. Bless you!

Mary Jo

New York

Necole, you gave me a free reading not long ago because I too am a bereaved parent. You brought through my beautiful daughter Gabrielle, I knew it was her. I wish to thank you and let you know how very happy I was to know she is with me all of the time. Bless you.

Tricia C.


Necole did a reading for my father and allowed me the honor to sit in. Knowing the conversations I had with my dad before the reading, it was amazing to see his face lighten up from the very get go as she started off sharing the names of his brothers. The validations Necole relayed to my father let him know his family is around him. This was something he needed to hear. Even though he doesn’t share his feelings and emotions openly, prior to having the reading he made some comments about his desire to know his mother is around him. It was astonishing to see how this reading affected him. Beyond his religious beliefs, he is not a man to easily become a believer in anything of a supernatural kind. He needs proof. And through this reading he received the validations to belief his family is involved in his life. When he got home, the first thing he did was share his experience with his brother in Iowa. I have never seen him so chatty! It was a pleasure to see! We are grateful for this reading from Necole and believe her gifts are a Godsend. Her abilities to communicate with loved one who have passed on with such ease gives us all an opportunity to reunite one last time. And through her connection, they can remind us all that they haven’t gone far! I come to understand that the ultimate goal of these readings is to realize we don’t need others to connect; all we have to do is tune in to the love we share with them to know they are here. Thank you Necole for showing this truth to my father! It is what he needed to hear.

Christa L.


My Mother passed away March 1,2008. Since then Necole has told me where things of hers are placed in my home and described them. She recently described meaningful items from my childhood that bind me to my Mother. My Mother tells her these things to validate she is still there, then proceeds with her message of love or advice for me from the spiritual realm. She was an amazing Mother on earth, and is clearly still with me. Thank you to Necole for keeping that connection alive for me. There is no vagueness at all with her. She is direct, to the point, and has not been wrong. The things she knew amazed me and brought me so much happiness. I have never encountered accuracy like hers before.

Michelle D.

San Diego, CA