you are worthy

You Are Worth It

Most people attach their worthiness to their abilities or achievements.

“I’m not good enough, therefore I’m not worthy.”

No. No. No. No.

Your thoughts and feelings ARE of high value. Somewhere along the way, someone or many said, “Please be/act/speak/feel/behave/look different and live up to MY standards.”

So regardless of how amazing you are, at whatever you do, you’ve had an immeasurable standard. Why is it immeasurable? Because you never created it.

This is one of the root causes of people pleasing. – Looking to others to validate your worth.) The phrase “good enough” is entirely subjective. Acceptance and validation are for nourishment not determining.

You are worthy 3

Your value comes from the inside. Only you have the power to choose how you feel. You are worthy because you’re YOU! It’s your birthright! You were born worthy! You are a beautiful perfect person worthy of love, abundance, acceptance, AND success.

The way you felt was never wrong. You can never feel the wrong way.

Your thoughts are not wrong. You are a brilliant woman.

Your body is not wrong. It’s your divine temple, and part of your team. You are a freakin goddess.

Set aside a little time to do a deep soul searching and reaching. Have a powwow with your higher self and DECIDE! Decide that from this day forward that you are f*&*ing worth it!

Say it with me:

I fully accept every part of me.