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Spirit Medium, Necole Stephens, connects to your loved ones in spirit, while empathizing from her very own experiences with grief. Known for her compelling accuracy as a conduit between the physical world and the afterlife, Necole conveys heartfelt messages from your loved ones in spirit.

Our soul connects us to a source more powerful than what our mind tells us

– or the voices we’ve turned our ears to.


Missing your loved one in Heaven? Attend an intimate group to hear validating messages from your loved ones.


Looking to explore, expand, and enhance your spiritual gifts? These courses will guide you along a path of self-discovery enabling you to trust what you’ve always questioned to be true.


Each week I will share with you spiritual insight on day-to-day life, the truth about being “spiritual”, and easy practices that you can incorporate into your busy routine.

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“Necole Stephens is the real deal and has helped me regain my inner badass while recovering from memories of childhood sexual abuse. Not only is she a gifted counselor but she’s able to add a level of healing that can only be achieved by incorporating her natural mediumship gifts and spiritual knowledge. Her holistic approach to helping clients through transitional growth periods of their lives is by far the best mode of healing I’ve ever experienced.

Kiersten Hathcock

CEO/Founder, Mod Mom Furniture & The Little Light Project


“You gave me a reading back on April 17 2015. You were sitting in an hotel in Buffalo, I was supposed to go, but I was sick so we did it over the phone. I’m Frederick from Montreal. My girlfriend Jennifer came through that night and my older cousin and my Mom. I just listened to the recording this evening and many many things that you told me that evening. I want to thank you again, you made me cry tonight, 3 ½ years later, I felt connected very much to my Jennifer.

Thank you very much

Fredrick Thivierge

Montreal, Canada


“Thank you so much for the time you spent with me on the phone yesterday, the time you allowed me with my brother on the anniversary of his passing and the time with my mother was priceless. The guidance and advice that you gave me was incredible.I tried the different tools you suggested and the result has been amazing.

Tricia Clements


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