Intregrating Spirituality and humanity

Internationally renowned Spirit Medium & Spiritual Coach, Necole Stephens

raises spiritual awareness by guiding others to their inner light and connection to the Divine to live a more intuitive, joyful, and abundant life.


Our soul connects us to a source more powerful than what our mind tells us – or the voices we have turned our ears to.

Your inner being already knows your divine plan and purpose, and it’s trying to pave the way!


How we feel both emotionally and physically is an indication of where your vibration is. The energy that runs through your body carries a vibration, that when raised enables you to receive guidance and messages with clarity and ease.

Learn how to tap into that energy, and what positive shifts can be made to raise your vibration.

>> It’s time to get unstuck.

>> It’s time to trust your inner guidance.

>> It’s time to stop self-doubt.

>> It’s time to elevate and rise up.

>> It’s time to remove blocks.

>> It’s time to own your truth.

Start receiving clarity on relationships, career, romance, and health and experience more happiness, ease, and connection.

It is time to feel good.

And it’s time to live the life you desire.

Online Courses

Explore, expand, and enhance your spiritual gifts. These interactive online courses will guide you along a path of self-discovery and spiritual learning.


Intention Box

Move over vision boards…

Your intentions are a reminder to the universe of what your heart truly desires.

Utilize the law of attraction! Start manifesting by adding photos, images, desires, and affirmations to your intention box.


Small groups, events or private mediumship or intuitive (psychic) readings.



A community filled with love and light
in a way that helps support and elevate others! 

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Home Necole Stephens


Necole Stephens is the real deal and has helped me regain my inner badass while recovering from memories of childhood sexual abuse. Not only is she a gifted counselor but she’s able to add a level of healing that can only be achieved by incorporating her natural mediumship gifts and spiritual knowledge. Her holistic approach to helping clients through transitional growth periods of their lives is by far the best mode of healing I’ve ever experienced.

Kiersten Hathcock

CEO/Founder, Mod Mom Furniture

“”Working with Necole Stephens in a mentorship/coaching capacity has helped me develop my gifts in a way I have never known before.  She is a straight shooter and says what needs to be said without any unnecessary fluff.  This results in very clear lessons and very expedient results.  I am so grateful for all the time she took in keeping me focused on progress and helping me gain confidence in my abilities so I could use them with my own clients.”

Lisa Prosen

Sensitivity Coach, Speaker, and Author