when I’m feeling stuck I do this

When I’m Feeling Stuck, I Do This…

Your future self already exists. All that’s left to do is to believe in her: in yourself. 

Some people express this as parallel realities, but don’t worry if this isn’t a concept you are ready to get on board with. It is what it is: the implications are the same no matter how you conceptualize it.

When you realize that the highest version of yourself already exists, your job is to match up your current reality with that future reality.

People become discouraged or feel stuck at this point, because they look around them and they see the absence of the things they think would mark their success/the fulfilment of their manifestation. 

But you are consciousness. Everything is made up of consciousness. So, your one and only job is to get into the vibration of your future self.

future self

Whenever I’m feeling stuck, I use this practice: 

Who is your future self?

>> What new beliefs do I have?

>> What is my attitude about life?

>> What patterns/behaviors do I wish to change?

>> What are the new patterns/behaviors that I’ve replace them with?

>> What clothes do they wear?

>> What foods do I eat?

>> What does my health look like?

>> What does my new routine look like?

>> What kind of people surround me?

>> How do they treat me?

>> How do I treat others?

Close your eyes and imagine what it will feel like.

Feel your emotions; the sensations of the materials around you. Include all of your senses. What are you drinking? What are you eating? What outfit are you wearing? Hear the voices of the loved ones surrounding you (or the peace and quiet of your sanctuary! Whatever it is that gets you to your highest state.)

Fully immerse yourself in how it will feel to be there, and you *will* be there in this present moment. Your feelings are the bridge that connects you from here to there.

Once you are surrounded by this energy, your choices and your actions will be aligned from this place of fulfilment, satisfaction and contentment, rather than any sense of fear, lack or pressure. As you continue to take aligned action, your desires will manifest in physical form, and you will have what you want.

Remember: this is “be, do, have” in action.

Using this exercise regularly (every morning or just prior to sleep) will bring forward amazing results.

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