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Spirit Medium | Intuitive Coach

What if I told you that you were not meant for greatness?

And that you have nothing important to say

& nothing good to share.

And what if I said to you, “You know, you’re really just here to be mediocre.”

What comes up for you?

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And what if I said, “Happiness is really not your thing. Maybe go in a different direction. Insecure might be a better fit.”

Can you hear your inner voice? Pay attention to it.

And what if I told you that you were actually meant to struggle financially. Sorry, but financial stability/wealth/success just isn’t in your cards.

And that those toxic relationships that (almost always) leave you feeling exhausted and drained. Just get used to them. That’s as good as it gets babe.

And you know that person that mistreated you and broke your heart?

You will always be treated like shit. That’s why you’re here boo!

Allow yourself to hear past the voice that is being triggered.

The voice that’s really far back. Behind the angry one.

Behind the one saying, “How dare she? She’s not even funny.” The faint one… that’s trying to get your attention but doesn’t quite have the power behind it yet?

Maybe you can *feel* this voice. Are you *unconsciously* shaking your head “No”?

Now go back to the beginning and read this again … slowly … and really pay attention …

Listen ….

Feel …

What came up for you the second time?

That angry voice ….

Behind it is fear.

And this voice is saying, “What if she’s right? What if I don’t deserve better?”

That’s ego and it’s trying to keep you safe.

Safe from yourself. “Stay small and no pain.”

The other voice, the faint one behind it …

The one saying, “No. No. No. I DO deserve better. Being treated poorly feels horrible. I want to be treated with respect and kindness.”

This is your SOUL speaking.

This is your TRUTH.

And if you’re “unconsciously” shaking your head no,

this is also your soul trying to get your attention.

This is the voice that I tap into.

Together, we make it LOUD. And that other voice, we quiet it down.

Doing this transforms your life.


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Life is not magic, but can be magical.

My Mission

To Help Soul-Centered Women Step into Their Power, Reach Their Goals, Strengthen Their Intuition, and Change Their Lives… For Good.

It’s About Soul

Background & Professional Credentials

Internationally renowned Spirit Medium and Intuitive Coach, Necole Stephens has a heightened ability to bridge the gap between two worlds. Necole serves as a spiritual conduit between the physical world and the Afterlife. Known for her compelling accuracy, Necole provides evidence that there is life after death.

As a spiritual coach and teacher, Necole shares techniques and guidance on how to tap into your (own) spiritual resources to create more balance and connection with your higher self, discovering what empowers and fulfills you.

Necole was selected as one of the twenty-five selected as “Most Inspiring Facebook Pages”, and is featured on the Best Psychic Directory and Your Eternal Self. She has made guest appearances on Soul Love, Spirit Connections, Soul Luminous Radio, Awakening Zone Radio, a guest speaker for Authentic Leadership with Shawne Duperon & Jack Canfield, Living Your Best Year Summit, and the Afterlife Convention in Seattle, WA. Necole is a quote contributor for “Simple Reminders” with Bryant McGill and Jenni Young and contributing author for “Finding Joy Around The World: Real Life Stories of Discovering Happiness, Inner Peace and Joy”. She has also contributed to Reiki Rays, Golden Thoughts Blog, Master Shift, and international publication in Soul Space Magazine, as well as several additional media outlets.

Necole is the founder of Zachary M. Tompkins Memorial Fund, a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization in honor of her son Zachary. She also partakes in The Little Light Project. The Little Light Project is a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to being a voice for the kids – helping bereaved parents, spiritually gifted children, and sexual abuse survivors.

Necole is a Spiritual Minister, certified Reiki Master, Grief Recovery Specialist® and has spent time enhancing her mediumship at The Arthur Findlay College, The World’s Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. She currently resides in the small town of Hudson, New Hampshire with her husband Mike, and sons Christopher, Nicholas, and her ever-present angel Zachary. She enjoys working out, practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation in her spare time.

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