There Are Days That I Just Don’t Feel Like Meditating


It’s everywhere we turn. “Quiet your mind. Meditate daily”.  So what happens to the rest of us when we can’t sit still or find a moment quiet enough to quiet our mind? What’s an alternative if we just can’t seem to get ourselves to meditate one day or even one month?

If you’ve ever struggled with meditation or just don’t feel like meditating, journaling is a great alternative. Journaling is not only cathartic; it also has the ability to bring you to the same cosmic place as a mind-blowing theta trance.

Journaling quiets the mind, releases stress, decrease anxiety, increases creativity and is a catalyst for healing.  It’s a safe place to put your uncensored thoughts, synchronicities/messages that are not understood (just yet) and/or any new ones received while writing.

Although I do meditate (most days), there are days that I’m rushing; had a little too much coffee, or sometimes I just don’t feel like it.  If something feels forced, I just can’t do it. (I don’t believe we should force ourselves to do anything because when there’s resistance, there’s a reason… but that’s a topic for another day.)

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My journaling style has changed throughout the years, but the components stayed the same: Gratitude, Intentions/Affirmations, Spirit Talk (synchronicities), & Free Thoughts. Every now and again, I’ll flip through an old one to reflect. Writing helps me process. I feel a deeper connection to spirituality and myself just as meditation has. Possibly even more.

Keep it simple. There are no rules. Write when you feel guided to. Maybe start by spending 10-15 minutes writing or 2-3 pages. Whether it’s meditating or journaling, it should feel good, easy and light.

What are your thoughts on journaling? Is it something you do or will try?