How to Reconnect When You’re Experiencing Conflict



Necole Stephens say you are experiencing a conflict and the other person has cut off communication. What are some ways to reconnect on a spiritual level, other than prayer? Any particular meditations, visualizations, that sort of thing other than on the physical plane that you can recommend?


If you think of it in energetic terms, whenever we have a conflict with another, there’s a vibrational discord and a lot of momentum built. Now for obvious reasons you can’t change someone else’s vibration but you do want to stop the momentum and begin shifting your vibration so there’s a happy outcome.

As much as it hurts, having no contact for some time will stop the momentum from building, if you allow it. Spending all day thinking, “He or she is never going to speak to me again.” – is going to keep the momentum going. And it would be unrealistic for you to think; “We’re going to be great and happy before you know it.” (We can’t trick our feelings.)

So what’s a better option?

Become neutral with it. (Not thinking unrealistic thoughts and not thinking worst case scenario.)

Here’s how:

“So and so is upset (hurt, anger etc) right now but maybe they won’t be in a week.”

“I know so and so is upset, but they’ve been upset before and worked through it.”

“I know so and so doesn’t want to be around me today, but maybe they will talk to me tomorrow.”

“I know so and so is angry today, but maybe tomorrow they won’t be.”

Don’t they feel lighter while just saying them?Necole Stephens - When-in-conflict-stop-the-momentum-by-shifting-your-vibration

*Do not give the “event” (what the disagreement is about) any of your energy. Try not to discuss it with too many. When the situation pops through your mind, go to your “go to” phrases (above) and send pink light their way.

I would also recommend doing a daily cutting cords meditation. (If you’re not familiar with this, I will post the details.) I like to do this daily for 21 days but do whatever feels comfortable for you.

Each day after cutting cords, picture the person in your minds eye surrounded by pink light and wishing them well. (This part can be difficult for some; so if it doesn’t resonate with you right now, don’t force it.)

These practices has been extremely effective in my life (and many others.) By focusing on you and your vibration, things will turn around.