A Clear Mind Receives Clear Messages


Whether we’re looking for a sign from a loved one, a message from the Universe, or clarity from our inner guidance, one of the main reasons that we feel blocked is due to not being in alignment with our soul. When we’re in alignment, we feel good and we’re energized. Life is synchronistic and things just seem to flow. We’re living from our soul and we certainly feel it! When you’re misaligned, you’ll feel very disconnected from yourself. You may experience feeling stuck or you’ll feel as if nothing ever goes smoothly, no matter what you try.  I notice myself making comments such as, “I can’t seem to get out of my own way” or “Things shouldn’t feel this difficult.” You may also experience lethargy and/or insomnia. It’s very difficult to discern your thoughts, never mind your intuition when you’re feeling scattered and tired. ns-Clear-Mind-Thumbnail

So how do you bring yourself back into alignment in order to regain your connection?

One of the most beneficial things that we can do to strengthen our connection is to practice self-care. Self-care cultivates connectedness and confidence.

Self-care cultivates connectedness and confidence. Click To Tweet

It’s essential to understand yourself first in order to receive messages that you trust with ease. Know what your body is telling you.

Start by tuning into your body. Become aware of how you feel throughout the day, particularly when you have a decision to make. How are you responding? Are you confident and secure with your decisions? Are you saying yes when you mean no? Are you feeling assertive or passive? Take a body scan. Pay attention to any sensations you may have. Does your mouth become dry? Notice if your shoulders are hunched over or pressed back. Is chest proud or closed? Where do your hands fall? Are they crossing over chest or belly? Are they covering your mouth? How does your belly feel? Is it feeling calm or filled with butterflies? How is your posture? Are you walking with your head down? Finally, set the intention to be present. As your energy shifts into alignment, you’ll notice the messages, signs, and more clarity flowing through you effortlessly.

A clear mind receives clear messages.

Your guides, angels and loved ones will be watching, patiently awaiting the opportunity to step in.