My Intuition Was Trying To Tell Me Something


When we receive intuitive information, we can sometimes create confusion when it comes to what we’re actually being told.

I want to share with you something that happened to me a few nights ago and what I do in situations like this to work through it.

As I was about to doze off the other night, an image of my husband’s boat suddenly appeared in my mind. The image quickly shifted from his boat to his boat’s engine.

I knew what had just flown through my mind was something; I just didn’t know what. My intuition typically appears as an image or quick movie movie clip without any conscience thinking behind it.

Consciously knowing my husband, Mike, would be going on his boat in the morning, I started to panic as horrible thoughts began filling my mind. Something bad is going to happen to him. What if the motor blows up?  I saw images of his boat blowing up, and then him lost in the ocean. Finally, I saw myself standing in the water, and then frantically searching the water for him. (I noticed the ocean that I was seeing myself in was not the ocean he would be going in, but an ocean that I was in, six months ago, in Barbados.)

I saw myself on the sand talking to the police, and them telling me they weren’t able to find him in the ocean. Finally, I saw his funeral service. Taking a deep breath, I consciously sat up and thought, “I can’t let him go tomorrow!”

In less than two minutes, my mind had created chaos and madness. Sometimes our intuition can inadvertently lead us to fear.

I want to point out that I never felt anything horrible happening {intuitively}. I had only received two images {intuitively}. The boat and the engine—then my conscious mind took over, creating various endings. {Fear.}

I quickly reeled myself back in. “Necole, STOP. Go back to what you know that you were told.” I thought about how it all started. Two images: boat and engine.Then I reminded myself of how my fear had created the other images.

Although I was still scared and filled with anxiety, I didn’t want to sound neurotic and tell him not to go based on my fear. I’ve learned from the past not to jump to conclusions because it’s very difficult for me to be objective with myself. Especially when I’m feeling anxious.

Instead, I thought about how only two of images were definitely my intuition. Then, I decide to do something that I’d learned many years ago.

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Anytime my mind starts racing with thoughts and images that are fearful, anxiety producing, or make me feel uncomfortable in any way, I practice something I call “White Xing.”

While replaying the whole movie clip in my mind, (both the intuitive and conscious thinking clips), I imagined myself painting a big white X through the movie and silently said, “I white X this.” I repeated this process several times until the visions dissolved.

This process has truly been a saving grace for me. It’s easy. It’s free. And it can be done anywhere, without anyone else knowing.

The following morning, I texted my husband, “Have a great day. I love you.”

He replied back, “Not really.” Then explained to me that while he was trailing the boat to the water, he was stopped at a red light when a man in a truck behind him rear-ended him. His boat engine went through the hood of the man’s truck. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Although my intuition was trying to tell me something, my fear had led me down a very different path.