Cutting Cords Meditation Will Leave You Feeling Lighter


Have you ever left a friend or a social event feeling drained and exhausted, even though you may have had a great time?

Every interaction that we have with another person creates an energetic (or spiritual) cord. They are created with family members, co-workers, animals, acquaintances, a brief encounter with a stranger, and certain experiences such as traumatic events. They can also be created without our knowing.

Cords attach from one persons aura to another’s, providing a channel for emotions and thoughts to flow through, keeping us connected throughout a lifetime.

We create positive cords when we exchange kindness, love, and compassion. They can also be created when we’re thinking loving thoughts about another.

Negative cords are created when we hold onto emotional pain such as, resentment, betrayal, anger, and think negative thoughts about a person.

Without being aware of it, negative cords weigh us down. The good news is there’s something you can do to release cords that are not serving you. Positive cords can’t be cut. (So you never have to worry about cutting those.)

Cutting cords will not release the person(s)/experience from your life, it will only release any negative connection that is carried between the two.

For example: I recently had a disagreement with my son, which got slightly heated. The following day, I cut cords between us. Doing this did not make us magically agree but it did release and dissolve any negativity associated with the disagreement.

This practice will leave you feeling so much lighter and is very simple to do.ns cutting cords

Cutting Cords Meditation

>>Sit in a quiet space.
>> Take a few deep breaths.
>> Invoke Archangel Michael (or whomever feels right to you; Angels, God, Universe, Archangels, guides).
>> Ask him, “Archangel Michael, Please help me by cutting any and all cords that no longer serve my highest good. I ask that you cut these cords now.”
>> You may or may not notice others appear in your visualization.
>> Thank Archangel Michael for his help.

I practice cutting cords regularly (about every 3 weeks or so) to keep both my relationships and myself healthy.

If you’re using this meditation for someone in particular, visualize the person (or situation) along with you and Archangel Michael.