How did I create this

How Did I Attract This?

“Wait! How did I attract xyz experience into my life???”

We are creators. Every thought we feel is sent out into the universe. The universe then “catches” our thought and begins rearranging, shifting, and doing its thing to line things up. The universe does not consider if we do or do not want it, if we want it now or in three months, or anything else except… that we emotionally created a “spark”.

The ONLY thing the universe does is: catch the “spark”, make shifts, and line it to be sure that we receive it, in the easiest way possible.


It (whatever “it” is) will ALWAYS take the path of least resistance because this is the most effortless way for us to receive.


This summer, it’s been very hot. I’ve mentioned a few times, thank god that we have AC. – NOT IN AN APPRECIATIVE WAY but with feelings of lack. “Imagine if we didn’t have AC?” (Energetically, this created a “spark” of lack to the universe attached to the word AC.

Three weeks ago, I was on a coaching call with a client. She was asking how she could shift her current situation with her A/C being not working.

After I explained to her how to shift it, I jokingly said, “Now watch my AC will break.” (Energetically, this created a “spark” into the universe. If I had any vibration whatsoever that previously matched “AC”, energetically it attached itself to that vibration. Therefore making it a stronger or more dominant vibration.)

The following night, I went to use my conversation of the AC with my client as an example in my class but quickly caught myself. Fearful that I would create something undesirable. I thought, “no use another example.” Another AC “spark” of lack to the universe.

A few nights later, I was texting with a friend and she mentioned that she was at a restaurant celebrating her daughter’s birthday. She also mentioned that the AC was broke and that they were all sweating. (Energetically, this connected with any vibration that I had around the word “AC”. This is how we co-create.)

At 1:30 am the next morning, my husband and I heard a horn-like noise. He said, “it’s probably nothing.”

I said, “No. I’ve heard that noise before. It sounds familiar. I wonder if it’s the AC.” – there’s another “spark”!

He went outside and investigated.

He came back in and said, “Yes, it’s the AC. I’ll fix it tomorrow. Remember, this happened before and it was under warranty?”

Having no recollection, I said, “No. This has happened before???”

“Yes. And remember so and so came to fix it?”

“Ohhh I kind of remember. I knew that I had heard that noise before. Now I know why.”

This had happened to us about 9 years ago. That “spark” was in my vibration even though I had no memory of it. All the other “sparks” connected to it, making it a very big and dominant “spark” in my vibration. (This is an example of how we create momentum.)

There wasn’t much resistance in this situation because I had not thought about our AC.  I didn’t even remember it happening.

Now let’s say that you’re wanting to manifest money… Can you see how this would apply and why there is typically a LOT of resistance?

Creating A New “Spark”

When we create a “spark” (An emotional charged thought) it stays with us forever. (This is also what we refer to as a trigger.)

The only way to neutralize (or make dormant) a “spark” is to create another “spark” and give that new “spark” more connecting “sparks” creating momentum – therefore making the new “spark” dominant.

Make sense?


  1. OK…I’m going to start to “retrain” my brain. I’m going to be more conscience of my thoughts and think POSTIVE things!

  2. I put my faith in His hands and KNOW the Universe is putting in place the conditions for my intentions to manifest. Thank you, as always, for the thoughtful insights. You are a gift!

    • Just wanted to say Thank you Necole.
      Your posts are some inspiring sparkles in my life.

      • You’re so welcome. That makes me so happy to hear!

    • Thank you John. Right back at you!


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