Spiritually Speaking

Balancing energy to feel good

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 Spiritually Speaking

Balancing energy to feel good

Your soul is all knowing. It knows you at each lifetime.

As a soul, you’ve chosen this particular lifetime and its experiences in order for your soul to grow.

Your soul decided on the physical body that you are in.

Because your soul knows you at each lifetime that you’ve experienced, (you as your lifetime as “Mary”, your lifetime as “Sam”, your lifetime as “Kate” etc.) It knew that it needed a special connection to your physical body today… your higher self.

Your higher self knows why you’ve chosen to incarnate. It’s the most evolved part of you in the physical and will guide you along the way.

You were also given intuition. Your connection to your soul.

We’re all born with an innate gift – intuition.

Some call it being psychic. Some say it’s a sense of “knowing”. Some call it our internal GPS. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s the all same.

The reason that you have intuition is to make the process easier. Your intuition is to assist you in this journey.

Intuitive information is messages from your soul. The information is sent from the link that connects it all – an outside source (such as your high self or advanced intelligence) without any conscious thinking behind it.

And although it’s wonderful to “know things” such as events or information about others…. That’s not really why we have intuition.

They’re actually two different processes.

Receiving intuitive information for you is an intuitive process. You are tapping into the vibration of your higher self.

Receiving intuitive information for another is intuitive channeling. You’re connecting with other souls and tapping into their vibration.

During this course, we will be focusing on raising your vibration to tap into the vibration of your higher self.

Begin lesson one below.

Morning Affirmation

I am willing to see things differently.

Night Affirmation

I surrender to the wisdom of my heart. May I be inspired, guided, and shown the way.

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