Do You Worry At Night?


I use to too… and it never felt good. In fact, I would wake up feeling icky because of it too. So I decided to make a few changes. I became unavailable for it.

Did you know that the moments before you fall asleep are very powerful for “retraining” your thoughts?

This is one of the few times that we have access to our subconscious.

But typically, we use that time to recap any worries, concerns and/or anything that didn’t go our way during the day. Ultimately, filling our subconscious with those thoughts.

There’s an easier way… and you’ll feel better in the morning!

Instead use this time to visualize what you DO want rather than what you don’t want. Use your imagination.

I’m not saying to try to trick yourself, but instead get into the feeling of ease. Get your body, your mind, and your energy acclimated with it.

What we think of, we attract. If you are worrying at night, then not only will you attract more things to worry about, that’s the energy your body and mind feel comfortable with right now. So to start attracting more ease, you have to know what ease would feel like, then with a little repetition, you’ll become comfortable in that feeling…attracting more ease.

To give you an idea…

Old thoughts:
How will I pay my bills? I don’t have enough. Feelings of worry and despair.

New thoughts:
I afford my bills with ease. Money flows to me easily. Visualize and FEEL how it would FEEL paying your bills with ease. What would that feel like to you? See yourself

You can use this practice with anything that you would like to shift. Give it a try – every night for the next 30 days. You will be amazed at the results.