Spiritually Speaking

Balancing energy to feel good

The two most asked questions are, “How can I connect better?” and “How can I feel better?” 

My answer always is the same, “How do you feel?” How you feel both emotionally and physically are indications of where your vibrational standpoint is. Your physical body is your vehicle to receive communications from your team (or infinite intelligence.)


Your body is full of your energy and that energy carries a vibration. This energy that runs through your body carries messages from your higher self, so the easiest and most effective way to feel better (as well as more connected) is to raise your vibration. Once your vibration is flowing, so will the guidance that you receive.

Your inner being already knows your divine plan and purpose, and it’s trying to pave the way!

Push your way through the chaos, pull strength from wherever you can find it,

and be brave enough to do it. 🌟

>> It’s time to get unstuck.

>> It’s time to trust your inner guidance.

>> It’s time to stop self-doubt.

>> It’s time to elevate and rise up.

>> It’s time to remove blocks.

>> It’s time to own your truth.

And it’s time to live the life the you deserve!

Alignment and flow feel so good!

Lesson One

Learn about the soul and higher self, and the link that connects them. Understand your vehicle to receiving communications from your team.

Lesson Two 

Learn your most powerful points of energetic force in your body and how they are useful for for healing, attracting who and what we need, receiving guidance, and expanding your consciousness.

Balancing Meditation

Short and easy meditation to help you balance and align your energy.