Holiday Bundle

It’s time to live the life you deserve.

Head into the New Year…

Feeling more Confident

Feeling more Balanced

Feeling more Decisive

Feeling more Connected

Feeling more Guided

And receive more opportunities and abundance.

Holiday Bundle

Here’s what I did …

I went through all of my courses

and chose some of my favorite trainings

and bundled them up for you!


Each training contains easy tools and practices that anyone can incorporate into their day to feel less stressed and more balanced.

>> How to remove fear, anxiety, and gain confidence, self-love, and joy.

>> Recognize and shift any beliefs holding you back from the success that you desire.

>> Understanding the energy of money, how to be an energetic match and the key that determines your success with it.

>> Feel more in control of your life when things get hectic by understanding your intuition.

>> The process of clearing blocks.

>> Tapping into your intuition.

>> Creating space for the highest version of you – your authentic self.

>> What self-sabotaging really is, how we do it, and how we can stop.



The Trainings

Includes trainings from Connecting To Your Intuition, Soul Connection,
Connecting To Your Intuition Two, Divinely Aligned, and more!


What People Are Saying

“When I signed up to work with Necole, I was feeling stuck. Stuck in my job and stuck not knowing how to break through with starting my own business. I knew that I needed to do something to make a change, but just wasn’t sure what.

I’m so glad I decided to take the course. It’s a life changer. So many good things are starting to happen, because I BELIEVE that they are going to happen. Things that used to bother me do not seem to bother me as much, since I am able to shift my thinking.

Initially, I was hesitant to enroll because I knew I most likely would not be able to view the course live. As much as I would have loved to be there in the actual moment, I still feel I got the same effect from the recordings. And even though I wasn’t on the live calls, I feel like the others have welcomed me just the same.

If you’re considering signing up, just do it! I’ve known Necole for several years, and she’s amazing. She explains it all in a way that makes it sound so easy. And it really is!! Plus, she makes me laugh!

Overall, this is going to have a huge impact on my future. Not just my business, but my life.”

Sharon Tower – “Inspiring, Fun, Motivational”

I was motivated to sign up for the course because of fear around money and finances, as well as sadness.

Necole helped me turn my feelings around and I’m happier now than I’ve been in about 30 years. I’ve been to hell and back several times, yet Necole managed to help me a lot more than all the years in therapy! It’s almost shocking the way I feel now compared to even 3 months ago.

I never in a million years thought I could overcome my deep sadness, depression and grief. I got a lot more than overcoming that. I received abundance, a job promotion, unexpected money, most of all I’m HAPPY!!! I haven’t been happy for years. I feel it from my soul!! I’m so grateful I chose to work with Necole.

I’ve learned so many things, like how to let things go; how to be positive instead of negative; all about energy and vibration, as well as how to set intentions and to manifest things. I loved the wonderful affirmations she shared! 

I can’t say enough good about Necole. I put my complete trust in her and I got a lot more out of it than I ever dreamed possible. If you think you’d like to work with her, DO IT! Don’t doubt your thoughts. It’s the best thing I’ve EVER done for myself! The course was absolutely perfect: the whole group got involved. My vibration is rising just thinking about my experience. Necole absolutely helped me change my life.”

Lu Holt – “Magical, Fabulous, Wondrous”

“I signed up for this class because I was struggling with manifesting. This course was life-altering for me: when you work with Necole, you learn so much. Your spirituality increases, your self-worth rises exponentially, you gain friendships and most importantly, you gain a lifelong friend in Necole!

Amongst other things, I learned the right way to let the Universe know what I need, as well as just how important it is to journal. I also learned that it is much easier to raise your vibrations. Now that is going to be a valuable lesson!

Necole is an amazing, positive guide:  if we didn’t understand something, she’d keep giving examples until we were confident. I especially loved the way she teaches, with small, intimate classes using Zoom. 

The happiest thing is having made more lifelong friendships. Soul Sisters are an amazing thing to have!💙

Tracy Plummer – “Thorough, life-altering, amazing”

“I signed up to Divinely Aligned in order to focus on increasing my sense of self-worth. In the past, I’ve been to therapists and read a lot of self-help books. Yet nothing has helped me more than Necole’s courses. 

Thanks to the class, I have more confidence and higher self-awareness. My self-worth has increased, and I am still working on that with the tools I learned in the class: I learned that checking in with the chart helps me stay in the higher vibration and that, when I keep my vibration up high, creating becomes easier. 

I love the information that Necole gives us, including the examples. And I really enjoy the interaction with other students. Overall this course gave me such good results, and I feel so awesome!”

Marie – “Easy, fun, rewarding.”

“When I took this course, my goal was to further my continual journey to understanding myself and my abilities, as well as well as to bolster my self-esteem.

Necole has given me extremely valuable tools and techniques I can apply every day to improve my life in so many areas: I’m already planning my 2020 goals based on some concepts I’ve learned in this class.

Necole always has your best interest at heart. She is honest, helpful, and totally heart-centered.

Denise Agnew – Heart-centered. Honest. Compassionate.

“At first, I had thought that what if nothing changes? I also thought of what If I can’t do anything and I won’t be able to? But Necole had faith in us all and she changed my doubts.

I had really bad anxiety and I would pick up other emotions. Now I can handle being around crowds of people better, I can tune-in to myself and block out others.  I feel more uplifted and grounded with my abilities. Before I was unaware of how to use my intuition, now I can pick up things when I want. It increased at a decent rate, now I can do little readings on people and objects, which I couldn’t do before this class.

Necole is a great person to be taught by. If you have any questions at all she will answer them to a clear point. I loved being involved with others and always having someone to clarify if I didn’t understand. I also enjoyed watching others grow along with me.

I feel as if the future will bring a stronger connection to my intuition, and I will be able to talk to people with things they need to hear about someone or something. 

Just go for it! She helps you not only with intuition but self-positivity, and self-growth. I have earned so much confidence from taking her class. 

I went from being confused and anxious to be able to monitor and become positive with my abilities. 

I really enjoyed it all and how Necole taught. She was very open for people learning on their own time and coming back for questions. She also answered anything asked at any given time and there are for sure people out there who would tell them they have to wait.  I loved working with Necole, and her teaching style was great for me!”

Dani Wyse

“Before I met Necole, I was struggling to find my path. I always felt different and didn’t exactly understand it until the day I met Necole. Working with Necole has completely changed my life. Undergoing this mentorship program has helped me open up to my abilities that I never thought I would be capable of. I am blessed to be able to live my passion thanks to all of the tools and techniques that were passed down to me. Necole has a huge heart and did a great job teaching me everything I needed to grown. I am so grateful to have Necole as not only a mentor but as a friend! I am lucky to be living my dream of helping others. What surprised me the most about undergoing this mentorship is how it has had a positive effect on all aspects of my life.”

Alex Saar

“Necole Stephens has made a profound difference in my life on many levels. Her wisdom, compassion, and ability to share her own experiences through her teachings are unparalleled. I have attended 2 courses as well as private coaching and have grown immensely in my power, self-awareness, and ability to ‘’live with intent instead of living by default”. Necole adapts her teaching style to each individual using her innate perceptual abilities to guide the process. She is also a fun fabulous person! I highly recommend reaching out to Necole for a life changing experience. I am so thankful.”

Cheryl Pergo, OTR/L | Reiki Practioner

Holiday Bundle Includes:

Holiday BundleShifting from Reactive to Receptive = 1.40 hours (valued at $297)

Holiday BundleBecome an Energetic Match for Money = 1.25 hours (valued at $297)

Holiday BundleTrust Your Inner Guidance = 45 minutes (valued at $314)

Holiday BundleYour Connection to your Soul  = 1.30 hours (valued at $314)

Holiday BundleYour Energetic Alignment = 1 hour (valued at $314)

Holiday BundleUnleashing the Gifts = 1 hour (valued at $314)

Holiday BundleMaintaining Your Alignment = 1 hour (valued at $105)

Holiday BundleReconnect with Your Authentic Self = 1 hour (valued at $297)

Holiday BundleYou Are Good Enough = 1 hour (valued at $297)

Holiday BundleBalancing Your Energy to Feel Good = 55 minutes (valued at $297)

Holiday BundleSurrender and Be Provided For = 1.20 hours (valued at $314)


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