The Lounge

A FREE private spiritually-based group for anyone on a spiritual journey wanting to connect, learn more, and raise vibes!


What you’ll get:

>> Spiritual Masterclasses

>> Audio Recordings + Notes for all Masterclasses

>> Intuitive / Mediumship Exercises

>> Connecting Thoughts

>> Access to The Front Rooms

>> Community Support / Chat Area

(If you’re registered in The Lounge, you do NOT need to register for masterclasses!)


Feeling the Feels Masterclass

Understanding the energy of emotions & how to move through them (including fear & anxiety.)

Manifesto Masterclass

Understanding the process of creation.

Live QA

Questions on spirituality / mediumship / intuition / manifesting / creating / afterlife / guides / angels / anything goes!


Please submit questions to by March 17th, 2021 11:59 pm EST


*All questions submitted will remain anonymous.