The Reason That Your Desires Are Not Showing Up


The reason why your desires might not be showing up. I was recently talking with a client and the topic of being “deserving” came up. “How does the universe work? How does it determine if I am deserving or not? And why can’t I lose weight?” 

You are deserving.

You deserve everything that you desire from wellness to love to money.


Because it’s your birthright.

And no, the universe doesn’t owe you anything.

I’ll explain…

This Is How We Self-sabotage

Your higher self knows you as completely loving and perfect and knows that you deserve anything that you desire…love, wellness, abundance, ease, and all the good things. And the universe will provide whatever you ask for…

The universe RESPONDS to how you feel (inside your body) when you ask.

The universe does not respond based upon whether or not “it” feels that you deserve it.

It does response to: IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU DESERVE IT!

The only reason that your desires are not showing up is because you are not allowing them to.

But know that the universe IS still responding.

Here is an example of the universe at work.

Once day you put on your pants and notice they are a little snug. You weigh yourself noticing that you have gained ten pounds. *Frantic and emotionally charged thoughts and feelings run through your body, “How did I gain ten pounds? I can’t believe that I gained this much weight. I look so huge!” Feeling frustrated and disappointed in yourself, you decide, “I am losing weight!”

Your desire =
“I want to lose weight.”

One month later =

“What?! I gained two more pounds!”

The universe is responding. You are getting exactly what you asked for.

Think about the words that you said, and the way that you FELT when you were saying them (or thinking them.) What type of emotional/visceral response did you have?

Was it hopeful and excited or was it frustrated and discouraged?

Here’s what is happening: your goal is weight loss yet each time you say, “I want to lose weight” your heart begins to race, and feelings of frustration, disappointment, and anxiety floods through your body. Feelings create vibrations. The universe is hearing those feelings. It hears how you feel and responds.

“Okay, But I really do want to lose weight.”

This Is How We Self-sabotage
This Is How We Self-sabotage

This is true, but you have conflicting emotions (or vibrations) attached to it (“I want to lose weight.”)

The first few times you said it, you probably had a “weight loss is possible for me” emotional/visceral response. Then over time, you became discouraged and your emotional response shifted.

“I want to lose weight.” is now attached to the thoughts and feelings of when you tried on the snug pants. Thoughts and feelings of disappointment and frustration fill your body creating vibrations that the universe hears and responds to.

What you truly feel in your body is not a vibrational match to the vibration of weight loss. 

The emotional response that has been created is a vibrational match to the *frantic and emotional feelings you had when you said, “I can’t believe that I gained this much weight.”

Make sense?

This doesn’t mean that weight loss is not in your future. It just means that you need to shift your feelings to those of weight loss. You can do that by asking yourself, how would it feel if you lost the weight that you desire to?



  2. Words to live by. I now understand how this works. My health took a spiral down, but I’m rising up . I needed to keep the thoughts positive to live longer. I will look great and feel great loosing the weight too.
    Thank you so much precious soul.


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