The Reason Most Women Second Guess Themselves


The reason most women don’t trust their intuition, gut feeling or connection isn’t because it is not there or unavailable to her.

She doesn’t trust her connection because she doesn’t trust herself. She second guesses her intuition because at one point or another, because someone said that she was wrong. She was told how she felt was wrong. She was told that how she looked was wrong. She was told that her body wasn’t good enough. She was told that whom she loved was wrong. And she was told that what she thought was wrong.

Then when life “proved” that “they” might have been right, more self-doubt filled in. All of this led to low self-worth, very little self-esteem and a disconnection from her inner being.

Over time, she slowly conformed to what others felt was right because of her innate desire for love and acceptance.

>> The way you felt was never wrong. You can never feel the wrong way.

>> Your thoughts are not wrong. You are a brilliant woman.

>> Your body is not wrong. It’s your divine temple, and part of your team. You are a freakin goddess.

None of it was wrong. Not the career, not the marriage, not your decision to move or to buy a new fridge. Neither was your deciding to work or to stay home and anything else that you did or didn’t do. None of it was wrong. You were not wrong. You were just figuring it out along the way. It was any judgments that were made along the way that were wrong. This is why you feel disconnected.

When you take care of yourself energetically you reconnect to your inner being, your authentic self. Your self-love, self-worth, self-respect and confidence expands. How does this serve you and your intuitive abilities?

You begin to love, honor and trust yourself again.

>> You “trust your gut.”

>> You feel confident and secure with your decisions.

>> You receive guidance with clarity.

>> You feel good and you will care about when you don’t.

>> You receive more abundance.

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  1. Hi Necole
    Do you do group medium sessions. I A group of ladies that asked me to reach out to a medium. One of my co-workers gave me your information

    Looking for information about what you offer



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