Small intamite group with Spirit Medium Necole Stephens

Small Intimate Group with Necole

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Enjoy a heartfelt experience with the spirit world.

This intimate two-hour gathering is designed for only eight people. Each person will have the opportunity to receive a reading, in a small group setting. You’ll experience hearing messages from your loved ones in spirit, as well as listening to the readings of others. These groups are wonderful for several family members, a diverse group of friends, or a mix of both. *Your reading will be transcribed for you to keep. Must be 16 years or older to attend. All tickets are considered non-refundable.

A few helpful nuggets:

  1. Prior to your reading, call in your loved ones. Gently.
  2. Write a few questions for your loved one(s). – This list is for YOU ONLY – not for me.
  3. You may bring a recorder but I’ll forewarn … Spirit LOVES to interfere with electronics! (Your session will be transcribed for you to keep.)
  4. Be open to whomever comes through. Our loved ones on the other side run the show.
  5. Come with an open heart and mind. Spirit will take care of the rest.

*If you’re local to MA or NH and would like to schedule a private group of eight in the comfort of your home, please email Jessica at