Connecting To Your Loved Ones in Spirit.


Experience a healing connection during a private session, intimate groups or

large audience event.


Small Intimate Group

With only a small group of six – eight, you will have the opportunity to receive a message from a loved one in spirit.

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Intuitive Session

An intuitive session is wonderful for anyone seeking insight and guidance on various areas of life.  These messages are always delivered in a positive manner and conveyed in love and light. $525

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Mediumship Session

If you’re hoping to hear from your loved one(s) in spirit, then a mediumship session is for you. This experience will provide you with compelling evidence that life continues beyond the physical. $525

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Spirit Medium

Necole Stephens

For over a decade, I’ve served as a conduit between the physical world and the Afterlife as a spirit medium. Bridging the gap between two worlds, through my gift and life experiences, I provide evidence that life continues after death and love is eternal.

 xoxo, Necole

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A private group for anyone on a spiritual journey wanting to connect, learn more, and raise vibes!