Services provided by Necole Stephens

Services offered by Necole

Private Readings and Groups

Experience a healing connection. 

During an Intuitive session, the focus is solely on you and what the future holds. These messages are received in a positive manner conveyed in love and light. Intuitive sessions are not the same as mediumship sessions.

During a mediumship session or group, your loved one(s) provide you with compelling evidence that life doesn’t end here on earth. It continues beyond. Although, your loved ones do not tell the future, they will share with you very personal and scared moments and experiences that only you would know and understand. 

Intuitive Session

Receive intuitive guidance on various situations occurring in your life, what the future holds within them and direction on personal growth. This session brings clarity on what's to come. $425.
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Mediumship Session

Hear validating messages from your loved ones in spirit. This is a very special and sacred experience, which brings much comfort and hope in a private setting. $425.
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Small Intimate Group

With only a small group of eight, you will have the opportunity to receive a message from a loved one in spirit.
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Live Demonstrations

These events are wonderful to both receive messages and gain clarity on the afterlife, in a large group setting.


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Gift certificates now available!

Gift certificates are valid towards the purchase of any event or private session.