spirituality | hd & gene keys | ROMANCE

Are You Ready To

 >> Take your relationship to the next level?

>> Increase the passion in your relationship?

>> Feel more confident, sensual, and sexual?

>> Feel wanted and desired?

>> Be in a (new or existing) relationship and show up differently than before?

>> Feel seen and heard in your relationship?

>> Ask for what you desire and have your needs met?

>> Have mutual respect, mutual affection, and mutual trust?

>> Feel loved and adored every damn day and refuse to accept anything less?



The Divine Femme has awakened her Feminine Power and has turned the magnetism of her aura all the way up.

She’s a seductive wild spirit who is deeply in tune with her physical body and her Divinity and isn’t afraid to show it. 




gold star Awaken your seductress


Integrate your feminine power + intuition


Embrace your sensuality and sexuality.


Embody your uniqueness + magnetism.


Revive your life force + vitality 




the pathway is here

ready for you…


what we’ll cover

spirituality | hd & gene keys | ROMANCE

What lights you up and gets you excited about life, love, and relationships?

“I feel seen and heard.”

Unlocking the courageous woman inside of you, while shattering any fear-based consciousness.

“I feel sexy and it feels amazing.”

Understanding the emotions behind what you do, even when it’s uncomfortable.

“I love the intimacy that we share. We both feel valued and appreciated.”

Having breakthroughs that change the trajectory of your world, creating growth & evolution in your relationship with yourself as well as others.

“I love when he leads, grounds, and protects.”

Understanding your relationship with love and how it connects to the essence of you. (It’s not always as clear as we believe.)

Your beautiful essence – the unconscious force within.

“I trust myself and make really good choices.”

This flows from your aura – Attracting the perfect people and experiences into your world.


star Constantly trying to figure things out.

star Feeling misunderstood and not good enough.

star Feeling alone and / or disconnected from your partner.

star Not being fully integrated into your body.

star Being afraid of being vulnerable.

starFeeling pressured to fix things or find the answers.

star Giving from your heart + feeling unappreciated and / or misunderstood.

star Wondering if you’ll ever truly feel love the way you imagine it should be.


spirituality | hd & gene keys | romance

A 6-week 1:1 program for the woman ready to unleash her GODDESS,

claim her PLEASURE, and embody her DIVINE feminine


6 Private 1:1 Sessions Recorded Live

6 x 50 minutes Live calls. We will cover all listed, plus anything else I am guided to teach. There will be a Q & A at the end of each call.



You will receive personal feedback on your individual progress, as I am with you throughout our entire six-week journey.


Integration Exercises

Each week, I will be giving weekly spiritual practices, both written and action-orientated for you to contemplate and integrate. Utilize these guided inner practices to help expand and enhance your gifts.


6 Weeks of Guidance and Support

Team NS and I will be available to you throughout this course in the Private Facebook Group. We will record the live sessions, email your PDF’s, and are available for your questions.


Be guided on a transformative journey and deepen your connection to inner and outer love.


Rise out and reconnect to the divine feminine within who feels open to receiving an increasing flow of pleasure, love, and romance into her world.


And embrace your wild spirit as a woman in this lifetime. 

Let the romance begin…


spirituality | hd & gene keys | romance


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