Optimism Is Not Automatic



“Every day you have a choice. You can choose to be negative or positive. Simple as that.” Peg Fitzpatrick

This quote brought up quite a bit of controversy on my Facebook page. The comment that struck me the most was “If you’ve ever experienced the passing of a parent or child then I bet you’d feel very different.”

I’ve experienced both and I still believe that I have a choice in the way I approach my days. It’s inarguable that struggles and diversities will continue to weave in and out of your life for as long as you’re here. There’s a misconception that when there is a willingness to view life with ease it must imply that you’re always cheerful or wearing rose colored glasses.

Per contra… mental attitude is everything. Your thoughts have the power to strengthen or weaken you.

If you’re getting out of bed thinking “Great, another shitty day.” Then guess what… You’re going to have another shitty day.

Pause. There is an alternative.

Optimism is not automatic...

What if you began each day by saying a declarative statement to yourself? “I’m going to do my best for today.” (Don’t use the word try. It lessens the intent.)

“I’m trying to find a job today.”
“I’m finding a job today.”
Say it with authority and conviction. (It’s only to you. No one will hear.)

As your mindset shifts, changes begin to occur. Life becomes a little more manageable.

When the vacuum becomes unplugged on the other side of the room, you’re less likely to scream at it.

And who wouldn’t desire an increase in energy or improved physical well-being? Some extra self-esteem, confidence and a vibe that’s contagious. Problems will still hit, but you’ll feel better equipped to find solutions.

Optimism is not automatic. It takes work.

You set the pace for your day….