Optimism Is Not Automatic



Love has the power to emotionally charge your soul.

I love you. These three words have such a profound impact on us and they’re the most difficult for us to say—sometimes to others, but most often to ourselves.

The unconscious conspiracy of self-love…

Love is beautiful. Love empowers. It’s unconditional and unlimited. Love has the power to emotionally charge your soul. Love transmutes keeping us eternally connected. Love is everything. Yet, we live in a world where self-sabotage, judgment, and fear often take precedence over love. Because of this, love causes some of our greatest heartaches. When others break off a relationship or a friendship -, we first begin to question what might be wrong with us—what is it about myself that makes me unworthy of this person’s love we ask? We fail to recognize that every little part of us is worth loving, no matter who turns us away. We are enough, always.

Love affects all areas of your life. It’s how we connect with others and ourselves. Everywhere we turn, someone is speaking about practicing self-love. Loving yourself should be easy, but it hardly is. As a small child, we came into this world knowing nothing other than love. Throughout the years and many experiences, we began to create layers around us of the different roles that we play. Mother. Father. Daughter. Student. Whatever they might be.

Power of Love

Unconsciously, we activate judgment. Constantly struggling with not feeling good enough, smart enough, or skinny enough. (The list goes on and on.) We worry what others think of us without realizing that it all begins with loving ourselves first. The internal power struggle with loving who we are begins. The fear of inadequacy takes over, leading to self-depreciation.

You are the only one that can fully allow love in.

So why is it that we deny ourselves something so pure? Why is it that we complicate what is simple by seeking love outside first before turning inward? Why is it so easy for hatred and anger to fill us?

When you expand within, you’ll receive a beautiful message–a deeper sense of who you truly are. (I know, scary right?) Replenish your love, replacing any judgments that sit static–(inward and outward) to strengthen the love growing within you, and then to the world you inhabit. We are co-creators. We’ve lost sight of this because we’re so busy being self-destructive.

Remind yourself of who you truly are. Peel back the layers. Appreciate how far you’ve come. Acknowledging how beautiful you are, both inside and out. Open your heart. Live from your heart. And allow it to fill with a newfound self-belief.

Unconditional love.