Spirit Medium Necole Stephens

Live Demonstration

These events are wonderful to both receive messages and experience insight and clarity on the afterlife, in a large group setting.


During this two-hour live demonstration, random members of the audience will receive messages from their loved ones in spirit. With a lighthearted sense of humor and sensitivity, these messages will have great meaning to you and validate the existence of your loved ones in the Afterlife. Even for the skeptic, this gallery style reading will leave you enlightened and wanting more.

REFUND POLICY: Necole will do her best to connect with as many loved ones in Spirit as she can, be as thorough as possible and make this an experience to remember. However, there is no guarantee that everyone will receive a reading. Necole has no control over who comes through or for how long they connect. Please be open to anyone that comes through. Necole is not in control of who receives messages; our loved ones on the other side run the show.

*Must be 16 years or older to attend. Please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure check-in and seating. All tickets are considered non-refundable.