Is it intuition or fear? And how do I decipher?

Intuition is knowing without knowing. A thought, person, or image suddenly appears in your mind without conscious thinking behind it. Intuition is quick. It doesn’t linger because it doesn’t have to. There are no emotions tied to it because you were never thinking about it to begin with. And there’s no conscious reasoning for it.

You can feel it.

A sudden sensation within your solar plexus (or stomach), shoulders are pulled back. Eyes widen as you look around the room thinking, “Where did that just come from?” You’re slightly more alert – a state of awareness. Yet you still feel a sense of calmness even if you’re intuition is telling you something you prefer not to hear.

There’s a lightness about it. You’re hesitant to share the information for fear others won’t understand.

You just know.

Fear comes from an entirely different place. Ego. Past experiences. Emotional Triggers. Fear is an emotional response. Fear doesn’t let up until it convinces you otherwise. Fear wants to win. It’s on a mission.

You can feel it. (An entirely different feeling.)

It creates a visceral reaction within your entire body. Anxiety begins to take over. It’s fueled by emotions. Heart rate increases. Breathing’s labored. Your chest feels restricted. It feels heavy and exhausting. Fear lingers. It creates every possible scenario with various outcomes – each one worse than the other. Continuously replaying, you begin wondering if this is your intuition speaking.

The most powerful indication of fear: You ask all of your friends, relatives, and neighbors, “What are your thoughts or feelings on this?”

You continuously question.

Trust your sense of knowing…