How We Inadvertently



Sometimes we can want something so deeply that we inadvertently keep it away by trying to control every aspect of it. This is how we self-sabotage.

What once felt amazingly exciting ends up feeling very stressful and heavy. Over time, that excitement can transform into an energy of neediness or lack, preventing us from getting what we hoped for. Worrying about “how” it’s all going to happen (the who, what, when, and where) is not your responsibility. There are far too many variables. Let the universe take care of those.

This Is How We Self-sabotage

Your responsibility is to remember “why” you wanted this in the first place. How did you feel when you first thought of whatever you desire?

An enthusiastic energy is a very different energy than a needy energy.

>> If you’re looking for love…  Why does being in love feel so amazing to you?

>> If you’re looking for a job… Why do you love your work? (If you don’t love your work, why do you love your paycheck?)

>> If you’re looking inner peace or ease… What would inner peace or ease feel like to you?

>> If you’re looking for wellness…  What would that feel like for you?

>> If you’re looking for creativity… What does creativity feel like to you?

>> If you’re looking for abundance… What does an abundant life feel to you?

Feel it, and then hold on loosely. Allow the universe some space. The universe hears your requests and it knows the best possible way to deliver.


This Is How We Self-sabotage
This Is How We Self-sabotage


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