Full Moon


You’re probably saying to yourself, “What is going on?” as you notice all of the changes taking place around you. The full moon is pushing you out of your comfort zone. It might feel uncomfortable but universe trying to assist you with shedding layers that no longer serve your highest good..

Relationships may no longer feel the same; your goals or habits might be changing, and you want more… more commitment, more security, and more depth than you have in the past.

Use this moon phase to bring in those new beginning.

Full Moon Journal Prompts

The universe is trying to help through this process. Be aware of the synchronicities that you’ll receive. They will guide you. 

Here are some journal prompts that I use. I hope that you find them as helpful as I have.

  1. I acknowledge that____________________ (person, behavior, belief, habit, etc.) is no longer serving my highest good.
  2. List 3 experiences that support #1.
  3. List three practices that can assist you in balancing/raising your vibes in relation to #1.
  4. I am able, willing, and ready to release _____________________.
  5. By releasing __________________, which is no longer serving me, I am creating space to ________________________. (Fill in with new desire.)
  6. Affirmation:

I release my desire to continue _____________________. I surrender to the power of the full moon to assist me with filling this space with a healthier, more productive experience. I ask for this or something better.

  1. Repeat affirmation at least once daily for next 21 days.