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Balancing energy to feel good

The two most asked questions are, “How can I connect better?” and “How can I feel better?” 

My answer always is the same, “How do you feel?” How you are feeling both emotionally and physically are indications of where your vibrational standpoint is. Your physical body is your vehicle to receive communications from your team (guides, angels, loved ones, infinite intelligence.)

The physical body is full energy and that energy carries a vibration. This energy runs through your body carrying messages from your higher self, and the easiest and most effective way to feel better (and connected) is to raise your vibration. Once your vibration is flowing, so will the guidance and clarity that you receive.

Dear Universe™

Online Courses

Balancing energy to feel good

Experience more joy, abundance, ease, andconnection.

Learn the process of allowing your connection to guide you in every area of your life. Within each of my online courses, I share a variety of spiritual practices and techniques to cultivate and create more balance and connection with your higher self. Each  courses is a path of self-discovery and transformaton.

Connecting To Your Intuition

A six week course in self-discovery, self-love, And the anchor to it all, intuition.

Divinely Aligned Group Coaching

A four week course in mindset, money, and manifesting.

Connecting To Your Mediumship

A six week course in divinity, spirit communication, and building your mediumship practice.

Spiritually Speaking

Learn methods tap into your energy, and make positive changes to raise your vibration.

Soul Connection

A four week course on living an intuitive life: aligned, intentional, and with purpose.

All courses include

Journal Prompts

Private Facebook Community

Intuition Exercises


It’s time to live the life that you desire.

Aligned and with ease.



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