Dig deep. Get vulnerable. Become uncomfortable.

Who am I? What is my purpose? What am I doing with my life? Where am I going?

Clarity is one of the most essential elements we strive for in life. If we don’t attain some level of clarity, we feel confused, distracted, and defeated. Life never seems to feel in alignment. Inner chaos creates outer chaos.

Clarity is knowing what you want.

Sounds counter-productive, right? I promise, it’s not. You don’t need all of the exact details, only a general idea. (For now.) You already know that you want clarity in one or more areas of your life–break it down so you can focus on one area at a time. (Work. Relationships. Body.)


Work: I want a new job.

Relationships: I want more patience. I want true love. I want to spend more time with my love.

Listen to your inner voice—your mind, body and spirit. What is it that you really want?

Clarity is knowing why you want it.

Why? Why do you want this? Dig deep. Get vulnerable. Become uncomfortable. “Why” (you want it) is a crucial step to achieving clarity. Your feelings create these intricate “why” details. The subtle messages, the words that unintentionally flow out from pen to paper, the thoughts that unconsciously fly through your mind that you suddenly become so aware of. Your focus will go where it’s meant to be….

As it reveals itself, you’ll begin to understand your purpose.

At the same time, the universe is being guided to the “what” and the “why” that you’re looking for.

Let’s Get Clear.

Grab your pen and paper. Write it down. (No typing.)

#1. List down what you want to achieve – What do you want or desire? Starting up a business, learning a new skill, self-love, self-confidence, financial freedom.

#2. Under each of your “wants”, list three details of why you want it. – Focus on your feeling. Why do you truly want to have it? How will it make you feel?


I want to have self-confidence.

  • Because I will feel good about myself.
  • Because it will bring me new opportunities.
  • Because I will socialize more.

I want to travel with my family.

  • Because it’s great for us to reconnect.
  • Because it’s important for us to spend time as a family.
  • Because we’re creating memories.

As you list the details, you are shifting—you’re gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and making space for new opportunities.


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