A Mother's Love


A Mother’s love is an emotional mix of devotion, concern, and profound reverence.

A Mother rarely looks for approval from her child nonetheless she admires her child wildly. Not a complaint or tantrum will ever diminish her love. She is unselfish, unconditional and will sacrifice at all cost. She cautiously gazes in her child’s eyes, watching for that sacred sparkle that only she is aware of.

A Mother will endure any amount of pain from her child because she would rather hurt than see her children feel a sting of any kind. She’s always nearby to mend a broken heart, a scraped knee, or a bruised ego without question.

A Mother is patient, she nurtures, she entertains, and she sets boundaries while carrying the utmost compassion with every ounce of her being. Her child is her priceless gem and she sees any flaws that her child may have not has imperfections but as their individuality.

A Mother doesn’t judge her child; instead she guides him or her, helping them through every leap and fall. She’s perpetually observant, watching her child evolve as they quickly morph into what she calls her “history” and friend for life.

She is aware that her child is on lease. She educates and encourages, hoping that one day they’re confident enough to fly with wings of their own.

And far too often, a child embarks on a journey… a mother had never planned…. but you see because of all of these special components — a mother and her child are eternally connected, no matter the distance span between them.

A Mother's Love

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