6 Steps To Becoming A Great Manifester


Have you ever wondered why what you’re trying to manifest still hasn’t come to fruition? You’re doing all the things you hear others are doing but still nothing. Eventually, leading you to believe that this whole Law of Attraction thing is a bunch of BS. But with the hopes that maybe it might still work, you secretly keep trying. You decide to write your intentions again. You grab your new notebook to begin. I want to make more money! After writing a few others, shut your notebook and think, “Yes! I did it! I’m all in! This baby is going to work! Come on Universe do your thing, please!” And you go about your day. Great-Manifester Necole Stephens

You wait and wait. And wait.

Manifesting really does work but you might be missing an important piece of it.

Set Clear Intentions.

In order for the universe to deliver, you must know what you desire and get clear about it. If you’re looking to meet the love of your life, and simply write, “I want to meet someone.” – You’ll meet someone but they very well may have no job, be messy, and hate to shower. This is probably not what you do desire to attract! Instead get clear. Describe what they look like, what type of personality they have, and what characteristics you desire?

Become A Vibrational Match.

It’s not a thought but a feeling. Most of us get a thought of what we desire, then mentality add a “but….” after it because we don’t believe what we’re saying. “I want to meet the love of my life but I probably never will.” Our thoughts don’t match our feelings. Instead get into alignment. Visualize whatever you desire; then imagine what it would feel like if you already had what you wanted. Start thinking and believing that it’s already a reality before it is. A belief is a thought we keep thinking. What we believe, we attract.

Dedicate Time Each Day.

Saying your intentions just once isn’t enough to get the ball rolling. We’ll say it once, then when it doesn’t happen we feel discouraged and give up believing manifesting must only work for others. Some momentum has to be created. Instead show your commitment. Dedicate 10 – 15 minutes each day to write/focus out your intentions.

Be Open To Receiving.

Signs that is! We tend to focus on, “Why hasn’t xyz happened yet?” Rather than subtle cues from the universe that it has heard your request. Instead pay attention to synchronicities. Maybe it’s seeing 111, license plates, or names but whatever is your sign take notice. This is the Universes way of showing you that the balling is rolling and your intentions are gaining momentum.

Keep Your Intentions Private.

We love to share right? Tell our BFF what we are manifesting, post vision boards on social media, and share with our family. Here’s what happens when we share. Without intending to everyone else’s energy infiltrates the energy (yours) surrounding your desire. So that friend of a friend that you’re friends with on FB sees your vision board post and (very innocently) thinks, “Seriously, they think that’s going to happen?” Then your BFF (again, very innocently) says to her mom, “Jane is manifesting the love of her life. I’m so happy for her!” Her mom replies, “She can’t manifest the love of her life! A person can’t do that! True love happens when it happens.” having very little experience or knowledge of manifesting. BFF and her mom go on to have an hour-long conversation going back and forth about you and the love of your life! Instead make your desires sacred. Share the process but leave out details

Release It To The Universe.

After about two weeks of writing your intentions, you might begin feeling discourage if it hasn’t happened yet. It takes time to create momentum especially if you had any self-limiting beliefs surround what you desire. Instead surrender. Trust that there is a universal force supporting, guiding, and conspiring on your behalf and will always provide for you.